‘Boardwalk Empire’ As Performed By Muppet Birds on ‘Sesame Street’

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Over the past several years, Sesame Street, perhaps in an effort to compete with Phineas and Ferb (that’s a kids’ show, right?) and stay hip with kids and adults, has featured more celebrity guests (ain’t nothing cuter than Elmo and Neil Patrick Harris dancing together) and, perhaps to keep parents interested, more parodies of very, very adult television shows. A 30 Rock spoof to teach kids how to count to 30 featured “Liz Lemon” (an actual lemon) and a Muppet that actually looked a lot like Alec Baldwin; a more recent sendup of Mad Men taught children how to articulate their emotions far better than Don Draper can.

In the latest adult TV for kids send-up, kids can learn the art of compromise—as well as what sound a chicken makes—thanks to Boardwalk, er, Birdwalk Empire. “Nucky Ducky” and his gang of flappers run into “Clucky Luciano” and his pack of chickens, and a flap breaks out on the boardwalk. Luckily, Agent Von Cuckoo is on the scene (with a predictably mid-Atlantic accent) to help the rivaling fowl gangs set aside their differences. The best part of the whole thing is the main title sequence, which is pretty on point wit hthe show. Watch.