AMC Developing ‘Goodfellas’ TV Series

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A few years ago, we found out that a television adaptation of Goodfellas was in the works, albeit in a wishful "boy wouldn’t this be great" thinking type of way. Today, that questionable idea becomes a firm reality, as Deadline reports that AMC has decided to get the party started. The show will be co-written by Nicholas Pileggi, who wrote the Goodfellas script based on his book, Wiseguys, and Jorge Zamacona, a writer for the legendary cop drama series Homicide: Life On The Street.

It’s very hard to avoid dropping any number of tired mob jokes while discussing the project, but I’ll try: one wonders if Pileggi is capable of doing any non-gangster project, as a Goodfellas adaptation isn’t the most timely concept anymore in our post-Sopranos world. Of course, he’s entitled to his vanity projects, and AMC, home to Mad Men and Breaking Bad, is probably as good a choice of any network out there to render an alternately funny and violent vision of the wiseguy world. What, you thought Goodfellas would be allowed to respectfully fade away to its rightful place as one of the more entertaining gangster movies in history? Fuhgeddabaddit! (drives off a cliff) I can’t embed it below for whatever legal reason, but please rewatch the famous Copacabana scene from the movie.