Popup Planeshop in Glasgow

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Glasgow is debuting the first-ever popup store inside the Glasgow airport, called Planeshop. It’s not a pure “popup” by normal popup standards because the physical structure of the store will remain static, but the items for sale inside the store will rotate with limited runs and special editions. This is an idea that should be well received, considering that airport shopping is usually terrible. You’ve got your hugely overpriced concession stands, the bookstores, and sometimes some higher-end luggage, but nothing worth checking out unless you’re bored stiff with cash to burn. The Planshop, however, is aiming to be a destination store, with directions on the website for ways to get there store by bike, plane, train, or taxi.

In addition to the limited-edition items, Planeshop will provide travelers with Planemix, “a downloadable selection of global digital music tracks that rotates each month,” and Foodflight, “a selection of tapas and sangria for takeout or in-store dining.” The Planeshop site is cute and filled with adorable cartoony people hanging out at the airport. While the store itself isn’t live just yet, you can check it out here, or follow them on Twitter here.