New York Palace Unveils Its Rarities

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Even these days, $140 million still buys a lot of makeover. And with the newly minted New York Palace already showing off a glamorous new restaurant in the form of Villard Michel Richard, all that was missing was an appropriate, well, “power” bar. And so comes the edifyingly monikered Rarities, a reservations-only tippling club, with appropriately aristocratic style. Global design superstars HOK went all historic, with period furnishings and opulent, Empire style wall coverings.

Don’t come here looking for twee, thyme-infused cocktails. This is a place for knocking back $300 tumblers of rare scotch and ordering up $10,000 bottles of vintage Port. The former are dramatically displayed in an illuminated glass vitrine, perhaps in an attempt to elevate fine booze to museum status. For our part, we decisively approve.