Littleneck: Kickstarting a Clam Shack

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If you’ve ever fantasized about opening your own restaurant, and yet somehow lacked the necessary starting capital, now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of such an enterprise for as little as one dollar. Introducing Littleneck, a New England-style clam shack gestating near the shores of the mighty Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. And they’d like to partner up with you.

Littleneck is a ways from shucking its first shellfish because the would-be proprietors are doing things the hard way — using salvaged materials to frame out and build up the interior walls and fixtures, cobbling together furnishings from recycled stuff, and setting up supply chains with local and sustainable sources. If you’d like to pitch in, consider donating to their Kickstarter project — already more than halfway to its $8,000 goal. In addition to feeling like you helped get the place off the ground, you can get perks ranging from a free drink ($10) up to free beer and free raw bar platters for life ($5,000). Okay, you won’t actually own a piece of the business, but you’ll still get that big-shot glow.