Wilco Loves Chicago: Fifth Show Announced for December

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Wilco is a Chicago-based band. They are very popular all over the place, but boy do the folks in Chi-Town (pro-tip: never ever call it “Chi-Town”) love Jeff Tweedy and co. And they love Chicago, too! The iconic cover of their re-breakthrough album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, features an image of the famous Marina City towers (also, those buildings are pretty cool). Perhaps that is why they won’t stop planning to have a mini-tour solely in Chicago.

Today the band added a fifth show at a Chicago venue–Lincoln Hall, in the heart of Lincoln Park–in the month of December. In just a week the lovely folks in Chicago will spot the Wilco tour bus traveling to several venues, including the Civic Opera House, the Riviera, the Vic, and the Metro. Those previous venues can hold a hefty crowd, each being able to accommodate over 1,000 concert goers. Lincoln Hall, on the other hand, is relatively small, with a capacity of just 507 people. And those lucky people will have to shell out $100 a pop for the show, the proceeds of which will go toward Inspiration Corporation, a non-profit group fighting homelessness in Chicago.

So now is your chance, All Of Chicago, to go see Wilco before they put out another album in a couple of years and come back to play every single remaining venue, including both baseball stadiums and all three giant parks!

(Of course, the chances of getting tickets? Probably not so hot. You might want to stay at home and listen to some Uncle Tupelo bootlegs.)