Who Got Tackled Better: Betty White or Tim Tebow’s Mom?

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Very few things excite me about Oscar night for the straights. But older gals getting tackled is one of them, and it happened — twice — at yesterday’s Super-duper Bowl. In his totally innocuous but much-discussed pro-life campaign for Focus on the Family, Heisman winner Tim Tebow takes his mom Pam down like a lead balloon. And in a separate Snickers spot, Betty White eats turf after getting sacked on the field. Let’s compare.

AGE: Betty White is 88. Pam Tebow is not. (+100 points for White.) EXECUTION: The guy that jumps White looks like he just broke every bone in her body. Tim Tebow plays a pro-choicer and tells his mom to can it by totally sideswiping her. (+1 for Tebow.) RECOVERY: After White gets knocked down — in the mud — she dusts herself off and makes a girlfriend joke at the other guy’s expense. After Tebow gets knocked down — in front of a white seamless — she rebounds like nothing ever happened. (+2 points for White.) STYLE: White’s wearing white sneakers and a floral-print sweater with matching pants. Tebow pairs her French tips with a black blazer and Mary Steenburgen smile.(+1 for Tebow/Steenburgen.) WORDPLAY POTENTIAL: White is old as mud. Tebow tackles the tough issues. (+100 for Tebow.)

Well, turns out they tied in the end. Regardless, we’re all winners here for being able to watch two older gals get the wind knocked out of them.