Travel Agents Desperately Pander to Aging Customer Base

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imageThe American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) recently sent out a press release detailing the top five spots to vacation, I mean, “take a break.” I’m fairly familiar with the top two on the list, Las Vegas (maybe this will make up for Obama’s comment), and Disney World/Orlando. I’m also familiar with the last two on the list, New Orleans and Los Angeles (what, no New York? How dare you!). However, the bastard middle child on the list is Branson. As in Branson, Missouri, population 6,050.

As in, what in the hell is there to do in Branson, and why is it preferable to thousands of other destinations in the country? Well, apparently Branson offers lots of senior citizen discounts and is within easy driving distance for much of the country. Plus there’s a bunch of theaters, restaurants, and there should be a giant airport opening in Branson in May. Also: lots of crypto-Christian and/or “clean” entertainment like Yakov Smirnoff. In retrospect, the choice makes sense — Branson targets the olds, and the olds are one of the few demographics that still bother to use travel agents. Careful, ASTA … your gray roots are showing.