Theatre Row Gets a Welcome Dose of Drama

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In When the Fall is All That’s Left, an original play directed by 24-year-old Stephen Hood, and starring Ferelith Young, Andrew Pigott, Mackenzie Davis, and Nicholas Caruso, two couples tackle the grieving process after an unexpected car crash forever upends their lives. After agreeing to babysit her old friends’ son David, Jean (Davis, whose understated performance commands each scene) and the young boy are hit by a drunk driver. The boy dies, and Jean is hospitalized for two months. But the real healing centers on Karen, played with heartbreaking conviction by Young, whose anger and anguish trumps all attempts at forgiveness.

Karen is so distraught over the loss that she rebukes the support of her husband, Mark (Pigott), himself coping with unthinkable loss. Well-paced and capably acted from beginning to end—from innocence to experience—When the Fall is All That’s Left, the first production from The Company, is a suburban Paradise Lost, and an honest portrayal of irreparable tragedy and grief.

When the Fall is All That’s Left runs through July 30.