The Long Walk: 42 Miles in 4:13

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Last Sunday, former BlackBooker and current Tumblr mandarin Matt Hackett reprised 2009’s Flashwalk—a 1-day, 42-mile urban hike through all five boroughs of Manhattan, not to mention the wilds of New Jersey (since the only walkable bridge to Staten Island is in Bayonne). Long walks have become something of a microtrend in their own right, and this one drew the usual mixed bag of perambulatory enthusiasts. Also in attendance: an excitable MMA fighter and our own videographer, Kirk Larsen, who made the entire trek with an HD camera strapped to his chest.

As thrilling as 13+ hours of pedestrian surveillance might be, we’ve compressed it down to under 5 minutes. This way, home viewers can get a grueling round of cardio with zero blistering. Kirk slows down the clip when crossing a bridge, for that extra spice of authenticity. Watch for the Jersey deli operator who refused to believe that this, any of this, was real.