Start Dieting: Airline Seats Getting Even Tinier

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I’m not going to lie: I’ve heard several employees in the airline industry refer to coach as “monkey” class, putting the idea of “cattle” class in a whole new light. But it looks like tradition is coming back two-fold. In fact, the term “cattle” is uncomfortably spot-on when describing a new proposed economy seat design. Called Skyrider, the seat is styled after saddles used by cowboys in the Wild West. The makers claim you can sit on a horse for long periods of time and not feel discomfort, so why not sit on a plane the same way, which is kinda like a big metal horse? Considering passengers will have to sit at an angle with just 23 inches of legroom between them and the seat in front—7 inches less than the current average seat pitch—I smell bullshit.

Designed by Italian aircraft design company Aviointeriors, Skyrider will be unveiled in America this week at an aircraft interiors conference, promising to attract plenty of attention from airlines looking to increase the number of seats in economy class without—dare they say it—compromising comfort. Passengers would pay considerably less per flight, but probably spend more on their chiropractor bills with frequent flights. Let’s hope airlines in the US don’t buy it. Even the concept of Skyrider is ridiculous. If anything, it makes regular coach seats look pretty damn good right now.