Ricky Gervais’ Black List

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Reigning king of British comedy Ricky Gervais, who stars in this month’s Ghost Town, sounds off on schmaltz, psychics and spiders. He is most certainly not having a laugh.

1 Animal cruelty. Bullfighting, foxhunting, battery farming and fur trading.

2 Religious fascism. Delusional bullies who think a god is on their side when they are hurting other people.

3 Con artists. Mediums, faith healers and clairvoyants.

4 Lateness and other bad manners. Eating with your mouth open, slurping, sniffing, coughing and sneezing without covering your face.

5 Bad art. Cheap merchandizing, awful greetings cards, T-shirts with catchphrases on them.

6 Spiders. Nothing needs that many legs.

7 People who harp on about their race, sexuality or background. Get over it.

8 Everything Andy Millman said at the end of Extras. Those were basically just my opinions.

9 People who say things like, “I say what I think,” or, “I’ll tell you to your face.” You mean you’re a rude, ignorant pig.

10 Gossip. Bitchy, jealous Internet or tabloid “critics” who slag off Madonna or Coldplay, but really want to be their friends.

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Photo: Isa Wipfli