New York Has Feelings Too!

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New York is a city of feelings. Not the kind your needy ex-girlfriend has, but the kind indicative of living in a modern-day Babylon. is an interactive city guide, comprised solely of members’ suggestions. Select a state of mind out of the six choices on the left, and the corresponding cheeky icon will pop up over a map of NYC to represent all the places other New Yorkers go when they’re feeling that vibe. As for the quirky list, ranging from naughty to chilled, creator Andy Whitlock says, “I needed more potent mind-states that lots of people could identify with and that let to interesting choices.”

Find a place to rock out to live music or drink wine by candlelight; just remember that in this no-cal age, “naughty” refers as much to cupcakes as it does to sex toys. And the site would be nothing without contributions, so snag an invite—all you need is a Google account and ten seconds to request the invitation. Whitlock tells us, “My biggest hope is that enough people add just one entry to one map to make this a brilliant resource for everyone. I want to highlight how valuable and effortless group input can be…Everyone is welcome.”