McItaly Burger Creates McControversy

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Traveling to Italy has always been about the food (and other things too, but really the food), and now, there’s an exciting new dish showcasing the best of the country’s culinary traditions: the McItaly burger. The new McDonald’s creation features a beef patty, Asiago cheese, and artichoke spread–how Italian! It even comes wrapped in an Italian flag wrapper. The Italian government has endorsed the burger, while citizens are crying foul and making enraged hand gestures.

One critic called the burger a “monstrous act of national betrayal.” Meanwhile, the Italian agricultural minister, Luca Zaia, is touring the country’s McD’s in support of the burger, which is made with all Italian ingredients. Zaia says “Not everyone has the privilege or the time to eat at 5-star restaurants, young people are choosing this healthy fast food.” Oh! It’s healthy too! Wow, a healthy McDonald’s burger, now that–not the McItaly–would be a novelty.