Legal Marijuana Substitute Makes Users ‘Tweak Out’

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Maybe you don’t keep up with the hip, new designer drugs: here’s a new one to put on your radar: K2. A so-far legal alternative to marijuana made of dried herbs, flowers and tobacco, covered in a synthetic compound is causing a ruckus among PHD Doctors and lawmakers. For now, just remember… this shit is LEGAL. The key ingredients of K2 aren’t regulated in the US yet; the cost is approximately the same as marijuana, and it doesn’t red flag users in drug tests. Seems like this would be a big ‘woo hoo’ for stoners across the nation…

But disturbingly, in recent lab studies, the drug has caused users hallucinations, severe agitation, elevated heart rates, vomiting and seizures, which is not equivalent to the Half Baked-watching, potato chip scarfing, mellow high most experience with marijuana. Researchers first noticed the trend with the drug after looking into poison control cases in Oklahoma, Kansas, Virginia and Missouri. Turns out, it’s like a ‘natural’ version of ecstasy, where no one knows what exactly is in the concoction. Also not the same ‘It’s cool ‘cause it’s from the earth’ mentality that most associate with pot. Lawmakers in Kansas and Missouri have already approached the topic of legislation banning K2.

The origins of K2 may be the stuff of urban legend, but apparently an organic chemistry professor at Clemson, Dr. John Huffman, published a paper in ’95 explaining the effects of cannabis on brain activity which included the method and ingredients used to make the compound of what we know today as “K2” , Spice,” Genie” and “Zohai.” When questioned on the topic, the good doctor said, “People who use it are idiots.” K2 users, you won’t be getting “Dr. Huff’s” blessings anytime soon.