Justin Bieber & the Top 5 Celebrity Boos

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New York Knicks fans showed Justin Bieber their true colors last night, booing the 16-year-old pop star when his image graced Madison Square Garden’s JumboTron. For Bieber fans, it must have been a shocking, WTF moment. But for everyone else, it was solid, clean fun. Who doesn’t enjoy watching someone who’s used to the adulation of millions try and smile through the humiliation of a mass public rejection? We sure do, whether they deserve it or not. In fact, we love it so much that we’d like you to join us as we relive the five best instances of famous people facing the wrath of an anonymous crowd.

Sarah Palin gets booed at a Philadelphia Flyers game: Introduced as “The best-known hockey mom in the United States,” Palin was instantly showered with boos as she walked to center ice for the ceremonial puck drop. Palin getting booed by an East Coast crowd is no surprise, but Palin getting booed by a bunch of misogynist tow heads? Now that’s shocking.

Kanye West gets booed at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: What makes this video so neat is its amateur-style authenticity. You really get a sense of the hatred being spewed at West, and when the crowd stars chanting “Taylor,” well, that’s the kind of creativity that even Kanye can appreciate.

Ashlee Simpson gets booed at the Orange Bowl: This performance all but ended the younger Simpson’s singing career, and you get the feeling that she knew it.

Hillary Clinton gets booed during a Primary debate: After Clinton scolds Obama for not taking responsibility for his votes, it’s hard to imagine the two of them working together in perfect harmony today. Then the boos kick in, and it becomes clear the crowd — and the country — would choose the irresponsible teenager over his overbearing mother any day.

Kathy Griffin gets booed by U.S. troops: Griffin loves to be hated, and boos are music to her ears, especially when it’s coming from the people who are defending her freedom. After making a joke about Bristol Palin’s weight, the comedian welcomes the crowd’s wrath, and like the devoted service men and women they are, they happily oblige.