JetBlue: The Do Good Airline

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JetBlue has gone and done something pretty sweet for the Faust family in the Washington area. And the best part about it, is that they did it with little fanfare. It seems that their 14 month old baby boy was accidentally burned scalding water and suffered serious burns on 65% of his little body. This kind of damage needed treatment from a 440-mile away Boston hospital. The family was about to purchase one of the $599 all-you-can-jet passes for the month of September/October so they could get back and forth to the treatment center, but JetBlue went ahead and stepped it up with some real human kindness. Read on, in the family’s own words:

We experienced a real miracle earlier today. When we started this whole process almost one month ago, JetBlue Airways ran a one-day sale. For one set price, JetBlue offered unlimited flying for 30 days. We jumped on the offer knowing we would be traveling between DC and Boston frequently during this time. We talked at length with the JetBlue agent, explaining our situation to her, while we were trying to figure out our best options to navigate this time.

This afternoon, this same JetBlue agent, a kindly woman named Cheyenne, called us here in Boston. She said she was so touched by Adam’s story, and what he had to experience, she wanted to help us any way she could. On behalf of JetBlue, she offered us eight free flight vouchers from JetBlue.


There is so much goodness in this life. Many people who care and want to give and help. Show love in anyway they can. So many people have reached out to us during these weeks. Sometimes, John and I look at each other in disbelief. We know we have lots of great friends and family. We are just seeing how truly great you all are.

Thank you JetBlue and thanks to all of you!

What a nice story JetBlue. Keep it up! Check out the progress for yourself on the Faust family blog.