Is this the Darby’s Official Menu?

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By now, everyone and their mother has attended a tasting at The Darby. And while plenty has been written on what the menu will look like, a source tells me that no official menu was ever distributed at said tastings because “they were still ‘tweaking’ it.” We don’t know for sure if this is the “official” menu for the late bloomer (they said they were officially opening last night, but “officially” seems like a strong word). What we do know is that one of our interns happened upon this, a menu, and that it happens to say “The Darby New York Established 2010” at the top, it happens to be printed on card stock, and she happened to have happened upon it at The Darby in a very wrinkled/stained state. Call it happenstance! Check out the menu in question after the jump.

If what we are looking at is in fact The Official Menu, I’d like to note that it seems a bit off-color to be handing out flimsy paper menus to guests who are about the shell out $30-$42 for their mains, $125 for a Shellfish Platter, and $100 for a Seared Dry-Aged Tomahawk Steak for Two. Hopefully they’ll encase it in some ritzy red cover, but even then I’d still be wanting some kind of mind-blowing attention to detail. My ‘Darby’ dress has been sitting in my closet since Labor Day in anticipation of the opening.

So without further adieu:


Here is the menu in its original state:


Scott, Richie, and Alex Guarnaschelli: You’ve taught us a valuable lesson in patience. We’re on the edge of our seats.

The Darby Menu

Shellfish Platters Darby Plateau $75 Plateau Royal $125

Oysters Beau Soleil $23 Bluepoint $23 Oyster of the Day MP Little Neck Clams $15 ½ Maine Lobster $23 Chilled Shrimp $16

Appetizers Steak Tartare with Cucumber and Sherry $24 Darby Waldorf Salad $15 Yellowfin Tuna and Foie Gras on Toast $24 Oysters Rockefeller (6) $24 Ceasar Salad $17 Grilled Octopus with Cucumber, Dill, and Red Wine $21 Tuna Tartare with Hazelnuts and Hen-of-Woods $22 Soup of the Day $12

Charcuterie Mixed Charcuterie $25 House-Cured Bacon $9 Chicken Liver with Crispy Shallots $8 Ferrel Salami $8

Caviar Service American Caviar 75 oz. Imported Caviar MP

Main Courses Flattened All-Natural Chicken Breast $32 Ricotta Ravioli with Beets and Truffle Oil $25 Seared Colorado Lamb Rack $42 Grilled Striped BasS (typo included on printed menu!) $30 Slow-Cooked Wild Salmon $30

Side Dishes Roasted Brussels Sprouts $8 Sauteed Potatoes & Tomatoes $9 Onion Rings $9 Marinated & Chilled Tuscan Kale $9 Three Cheese Macaroni $12 Sweet Potato with Golden Raisin $8 Chilled Beets with Scallion $8 Crispy Red Thumb Potatoes $9

Dishes for Two Seared Dry-Aged Tomahawk Steak $100 Lobster Newburg 2 ½ lbs) $100

Surf and Turf Seared Filet Mignon $45 Add Seared Shrimp $20 Add Buttered Lobster $25

Desserts Candied Apple Tart $15 Darby Sundae $15 Baked Alaska $15 Darby Cake of the Day $14 Dark Chocolate & Walnut Torte $15