Is Someone Doing Blow in the White House?

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So! Someone posted the above picture to the infamous internet community 4chan, known for its members’ awesomely insane (or terrifying, depending on how you choose to see it) hijinks and pranksterism, saying that they had a tough day at work. This was followed up by someone else posting that the photo’s EXIF (“exchangeable image file format”) data, which includes GPS coordinates. And those GPS coordinates? They point right to the White House. Is there any chance it’s real?


Not really. You don’t even need proof. Common sense: 1. This is a great idea for a prank. So why wouldn’t it be one?

2. Who would get into the White House and risk their access by doing blow? Sure, there are people that stupid, but none of them are posting in on 4Chan.

3. Who uses a razor? Not that I’d know, per se, but come on: who has a straight-razor sitting around to cut coke with? And how would you get into the White House with one of those bad boys?

4. It just didn’t happen. A closer look at the data reveals a few things. One poster on Reddit points out:

The elevation in the file is listed as 49m (160ft) above sea level. The white house is only ~17m (59ft) above sea level. To my knowledge the white house is not 100ft tall so something is fishy here.

Another one notes that this is “meta-trolling”:

You mean one “anon” posts picture with fabricated Exif data, which he then “exposes” himself later in the thread, fooling a bunch of idiots…

So, basically, no. But for the fifteen seconds you wondered whether or not this was real, it was absolutely enjoyable.


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