Having Conquered India, Lindsay Lohan Sets Sights on Guatemala

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Lindsay Lohan, much like Ponce De Leon and Amerigo Vespucci before her, is trekking through all sorts of wilderness, hoping to leave behind a race of people less savage and more enlightened. That’s Lindsay for you–a missionary, taking uncouth ruffians and grooming them with a finishing school pedigree. She went to India and that was incredibly epic. Now, LiLo’s making eyes for Guatemala.

Lohan’s mom has confirmed the news, telling the New York Post that her daughter returned from India a changed woman. LiLo was reportedly “humbled and moved” by all that work she did. Dina Lohan also adds, “Lindsay wants to give more back.” This getaway is also excellent news considering that LiLo’s bagged herself a dangerous new beau.

Of course, what would be a life-altering experience with a camera crews around? And an Oprah-endorsed one at that. The Lohans are planning to film this particular documentary as part of Oprah’s new television network.