Fashion Week: Vincent Gallo Will Track You Down

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imageSo yes, our videographer Liz Glover has a certain history with Vincent Gallo. And though things began civilly enough, things degenerated when — all in good fun! — Liz made a crack about Gallo’s leather jacket, asking if it was in fact pleather. Let the record reflect we are in no way insinuating that Vincent Gallo would wear a pleather jacket! Quite the opposite in fact. Nevertheless, the jibe inspired Gallo’s ire: “If you print that [Ed. note: ‘print’?], I will track you down and make you wish you had never been born.” Harsh! But Liz’s daddy was a Green Beret, so she’s not afeared. Hit the jump to relish the tender exchange.

It should be duly noted — Liz, more out of karmic than physical anxiety, only agreed to show the clip if she could remove the actual “pleather” remark, since she told Gallo she’d cut it. And in fact I had to browbeat her into showing the clip at all. Therefore, please direct all anti-borning angst care of this website, not to Ms. Glover, who’s far tougher anyway.