Cuban Cold War Ending?

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imageThe U.S. ban on Cuba travel and trade has not yet been eradicated, but as of yesterday, it’s eased a bit. As we mentioned, there was a bill hanging out in congress poised to break the ban on Cuban travel. That hasn’t gone through, but there has been some movement on Barack Obama’s part to change the current regulations. Here’s the update on what you can and can’t do.

Can: Visit Cuba (and smoke all the Cuban cigars you want) if and only if you are a Cuban-American going to visit family in Cuba. Can: Send as much money and/or as many cell phones to Cuba as you want (as long as you aren’t sending goods to senior government or Communist Party officials). Previously there was a cap on such gifts. Cannot: Claim that your great-grandmother was half Cuban and so therefore you want to book a flight to Havana to find your long-lost cousins. Will not work. Cannot: Hang a shingle and market your products to Cuban citizens; the trade embargo is still in effect.