BlackBook + Case-Mate Present: “The City Is Your Canvas” Contest

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Case-Mate and BlackBook are searching for the next artist for “The City Is Your Canvas Contest.” Win $1,000 cash, your own “I Make My Case” Customizer, and a percentage of revenue for your cases sold!

As you certainly already know, BlackBook is all about city life, and art looms large in any proper city — literally or figuratively, or both. But there’s no reason big art can’t get really small. That’s why we’ve partnered with Case-Mate to sponsor a unique contest that will put your art on a potentially infinite number of user-customized iPhones, iPods, and Blackberries. The grand prize winner of “The City Is Your Canvas” will have their artistic vision incorporated into a suite of creative assets that anyone can use — via the award-winning creative platform — to mash-up a unique design of their own. It makes a perfect complement to enjoy our own family of iPhone apps, of course. The theme of “The City Is Your Canvas” is just what the name implies. Think about what “the city” means to modern life and the modern living artist. Express it however you like! Make your expression cool, calculated, and perfectly of the moment; or go the other way into retro gutter nostalgia. The more creative and original, the better. Note that to be officially recognized as the winner, you’ll eventually have to supply the proper package of creative assets for use on This includes 20-25 individual vector assets (2-3 deemed “spray can elements”); 2-4 predesigned cases; 4-6 background colors; and 4-6 colorize colors (in the “Tool” section). These aren’t necessary to submit your work to the contest, but if this package is beyond your skills to produce, maybe this shindig isn’t for you. Failure to supply these assets in a timely manner will be grounds for disqualification, and a new winner will be selected instead.

To enter the contest, submit 1-3 pieces of visual art — must be clear images in JPG, GIF, TIFF, or PNG format. Include your full name, email address, personal URL and phone number. Entries will be judged by a panel of experts from both BlackBook and Case-Mate; contests ends January 31, 2011, with winner announced in mid-January. Good luck!