Barbie Vomits Pink on Paris

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Oh Paris. First your dimming nightlife, and now this. The City of Lights’ Hôtel Plaza Athénée (yes, it’s the place in the final episode of Sex and the City), has a special (or especially frightening) offer for a limited time only: a Barbie-themed hotel room.

For spoiled little girls (and their Heidi Montag dolls), the hotel is offering a special room done up in bright pinks, Barbie logos galore, and “exclusively signed furniture” that will “turn sweet little girl guests aged 3 or over into real little princesses.” Maybe some pretty princesses will dig it, but staying in this room would more likely be a nightmare scenario where one is shrunken down to live in the Barbie Dream House and play beard to Ken. But maybe that’s just us. The Barbie Room, with a connecting Deluxe Room for parents, runs 1,600 euros a night. With the euro’s decline, that’s just over two grand in American dollars.