Barbados Now Guaranteeing the Weather

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image Barbados is doubling down on the perfect weather there and offering up a $100 a day reimbursement if your Barbados vacation weather isn’t “perfect” from now through December. Note, they define “perfect” as an average of 78 degrees and less than 1/4 inch of rainfall per day. It’s free to enroll in the program, you just have to jump on it before June 7th to qualify. You can also enroll when you book through, they’re calling the weather guarantee “SPF100 Protection.”

Just so you know, it’s a safe bet that you won’t get reimbursed, the average temperatures hover around 80 degrees and there is usually no more than 7 inches of rain from now until December, but I suppose that highlights the fabulosity of the weather there, and everyone knows that it blows big time to book a Caribbean vacation only to be stuck inside with grey skies and showers. Book and enroll in your guaranteed fab weather here.