A Tree Hotel Grows in Sweden

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Trees. They’re all the rage. First they gave us shade and clean air, then there gave us a reason to have a tree museum, and now, a tree hotel. Yes, a tree hotel. On July 17th, the Treehotel is slated to open in Harads, Sweden, just 32 miles south of Arctic Circle, trendiness of big leafy plants aside, it looks pretty damn cool.

The hotel will have only six rooms, four of which will open in July, two come October. The rooms are intriguingly named: the Cabin, the Blue Cone, the Nest, the Mirrorcube, the UFO, and A Room With a View. The Mirrorcube looks to be the most interesting; it’s attached to a single tree with walls made of w mirrored glass. It will be just four meters high and four meters wide, with the mirrored walls reflecting the surrounding trees and sky. A special film will be applied to the glass walls to make it visible to birds and keep them from flying into it and dying. Thank goodness. Anette Selberg, the Treehotel Sales Manager, says, “This is untouched forest and we want to maintain it the same way.” She adds, “We decided for example to not offer snowmobile safari which is very common up here.”

Rooms will be accessed by a rope ladder or a rope bridge connected to a nearby tree. The Treehotel will be managed by another nearby hotel, which will also provide catering and support. With the hotel’s proximity to the Arctic Circle, guests should be able to enjoy the northern lights in the winter and the midnight sun in the summers…and of course, all year round: trees!