The Beatles, Daft Punk, & Cypress Hill Get Mashed Up With Movie Musicals

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This is the greatest mash-up you will see all…year? Month? Definitely week. It is seriously awesome. Video artists Crumbs Chief layer The Beatles, Daft Punk, Cypress Hill, Boston, the Beastie Boys, and Rare Earth together into one seamless, entertaining, incredible musical melange. Then, they throw it on top of video from classic movie musicals. As if that weren’t awesome enough, the title is Come Again. Beatles jokes FTW. So, is this the best thing ever? Or, is it the best thing Evah? Hit the break so you too can decide.

Pretty great, right? It’s part of The Videotones project, an epic mash-up contest run by The Kleptones in which video artists pull apart and reassemble their 2010 mash-up album Uptime / Downtime. If you’re interested in making your own mash-up for the project, you can hit up The Kleptones’ website to download the requisite tracks.