Tea, Mud, & Sobriety: A Few of Amy Winehouse’s Favorite Things

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imageThe perils of recording your third record! Amy Winehouse knows such anguish well. She seemed only a hair’s breadth away from being able to pass off an entire collection of demos before she decided to flip the bird to all that and get high with Snoop Dogg instead. Which, as “artistes,” makes sense. Because they can chalk it up to seeking a muse in the kush. Apart from that, if it looks like Wino’s absolutely glowing lately, it’s because her supply of Courvoisier, smack, and Cheetos got replaced with Yorkshire Tea and sober people on her tour rider.

Yes, yes, I know she hasn’t performed live since last fall, but people, baby steps! To top it all off, she’s also been getting lathered in mud, which draws out toxins and revives skin. While that will go a little way towards patching up her career, if she weren’t so quick to nix it, a buzzworthy collaboration with Eminem probably would’ve gone much, much further.