‘Super Bass’ Vs. ‘Judas’: Judging the Two Biggest Videos this Week

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Two music videos of note came out this week. Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” and, of course, Lady Gaga’s earsplitting “Judas.” Which do we like better? Nicki’s is bright, candy-colored, and silly; there’s a blacklight scene, plenty of colorful shoes and wigs, and she pours a syrupy pink cocktail on her chest at one point (not sure why). Gaga’s is the polar opposite: dark, abrasive, full of leather and metal, and includes a gun that shoots lipstick.

Fans of bright colors and having fun will enjoy “Super Bass.” Also, the song and the outfits are killer.

Here’s Gaga’s:

Didn’t Madonna do this more than 20 years ago with “Like a Prayer”? Watching the “Judas” video is really kind of a drag, which is too bad. Remember how great every single one of Gaga’s videos from last year was? She’s going through a little phase right now. Ironically, Lady G described this video as a masterpiece. It is not.

In short, the winner of the week is Nicki, by a mile.