Sky Ferreira’s New EP Offers Curious Salad Of Styles

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Sky Ferreira, who only just turned twenty a few months ago, in the name of all that is holy, has been enjoying a swift and powerful ascendance into that stratosphere of radio-friendly music known for its slick catchiness. In some respects, though, she already seems to have tired of the electro-pop mantle she’s poised to grab from Madonna, Britney, Gwen and even—dare I say it—Robyn.

Ferreira’s Ghost EP does collect some excellent synth-heavy songs that surfaced earlier this year, including the icy, anthemic stomper “Lost In My Bedroom” and “Red Lips,” a sneering throwback to Garbage that turns out, on further inspection, to indeed be written by Shirley Manson of that band (whose latest wasn’t half-bad, either!). But the other three entries strive to be something a bit less formula-driven. Second single and eventual short story title “Everything Is Embarrassing” closes out the set with closing-time piano and dry, hollow drums, while title track “Ghost” is a muddled folk number. Leadoff hitter “Sad Dream” is acoustic as well, but more successful and of a completely different mood: intimate yet rollicking twee.

Ferreira has songwriting credits on all but the Manson effort, confirming her stated intention to move away from electronics to a more “Blondie-inspired” sound. Which is fine by me: with just a handful of songs under her belt, she’s proved an adequate successor to any number of Top 40 divas. I can’t wait until she does Springsteen.

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