Shia LaBeouf Directed Kid Cudi’s ‘Marijuana’ Video

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Even though Kid Cudi publicly announced that he’d given up smoking weed two months ago, the rapper had already recorded the track ‘Marijuana’ for his sophomore album, Man On The Moon II, so why not just film a video for it? Since 2009, Cudder has been on a mission to collaborate with Shia LeBeouf —“He’s killing shit, I feel like I’m doing the Shia Labeouf in music”—and now we finally have the end product.

The video was directed and edited by the Transformers star and features footage of Amsterdam’s Red Light District and lots of weed smoking, which we’ll assume was filmed before all that high and mighty talk about quitting (“I had a good run, Amsterdam and all. Im happy being sober. I’m happy being a new me.”) We had no prior sense of Shia’s editing skills, but if a video is going to end with a shout out to 4/20, maybe it should also end at 4:20? Just sayin.’

Watch below. And then check out Cudi’s latest track, “Perfect Is The World,” which was released on his Tumblr last night. Technically, we guess this marks the beginning of his new rock career.

KID CUDI- MARIJUANA from Grassy Slope on Vimeo.

“Perfect Is The World”