President Obama Adds to His Karaoke Repertoire at White House Blues Night

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A month ago, at an event at the Apollo Theatre, President Obama saluted audience member Rev. Al Green with a snippet of "Let’s Stay Together." The clip was an instant hit, inspiring a ringtone available on the campaign website, driving up sales of Al Green albums and becoming the most overplayed clip of a high-profile politician singing since John McCain serenaded an assembly with his take on a Beach Boys classic, "Bomb Iran."

It’s been a rather musical month for the Karaoke-Conquistador-In-Chief, who following his surprise solo, released a campaign soundtrack via Spotify that includes everything from AgesandAges and Arcade Fire to Raphael Saadiq and No Doubt. And last night at the White House Blues Night, headliners Mick Jagger and B.B. King coaxed Obama on stage to pay tribute to his hometown with a few lines of "Sweet Home Chicago." As the old cliché goes: you can take the President out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of the President. 

The full concert will air on PBS next Monday, the 27th, but until then, a taste of the POTUS channeling his inner Dan Aykroyd.