Your Ideal Melancholy Morning Playlist

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Meanwhile in my head I’m undergoing open-heart surgery.

Weekday mornings—the added dash of salt onto the wound of existence. And as the weather continues to fluctuate from fluffy blue skies and sun-kissed afternoons to somber grey days, I can’t help but find myself nostalgic for cozier days, yearning for the sound of waves rolling in and the feeling of the sun heating down on exposed skin. But everything is always best preserved in memory.

Alas, there’s always some music that luxuriates best when in the right temperature—Burial, for example, exists purely in breaths of cold air building in your chest, whereas Eluvium is born from a mid-summer’s morning dew. But during this strange and painfully melancholy month that is June, I tend to gravitate towards the sonic pleasures that really make me long for that delicious and hopeful place with no name. So here’s a sprinkling of what I love best.


—Mint Green, Andrew Shapiro

—Ballad of Distances, Part 2, Stars of the Lid

—String Quartet, No. 2: III, The Balanescu Quartet

—I’m Waiting Here, David Lunch and Lykke Li

—Everything to Come, Eluvium

—Let Down, Raiohead

—Autumn Music 1, Max Richter

—Cut, Low

—Ocean House Mirror, Max Richter

—Canterbury Pt., Dam Mantle

—Stranded Under Endless Sky, Hammock

—The Young Conscript and the Moon, Balanescu Quartet

—The Funeral Party, The Cure

—Orbiting Love, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

—Beside Me, Sun Glitters

—Forgive, Fall on Your Sword

—Chinook, Loscil

—A Case of You, James Blake

—#3, Aphex Twin

—Hi Scores, Boards of Cananda

—Indoor Swimming at the Space Station, Eluvium

—Limit to Your Love, James Blake

—Phone Call, Jon Brion

—#4, Aphex Twin

—Requiem String Melody, Stars of the Lid

—Envelop, Julianna Barwick

—You’re Talking About Making a Bigger One, Shane Carruth

—Held, Holy Other

—No Drums, Tim Hecker

—Avril 14th, Aphex Twin

—Exit Music (For a Film), Radiohead

Listen to the playlist here: i lived a few weeks.