Hi-Five: Lil Wayne Feat. Drake, New Lily Allen + More

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Lil Wayne & Drake via 

Lil Wayne – Believe Me (Feat. Drake)

Lil Wayne’s first single from his upcoming The Carter V is “Believe Me,” featuring Drake. It breaks my heart a little to hear that this is supposed to be Wayne’s last album before retiring, but I hope that was just the purple drank talking.

Lily Allen – Sheezus

After popping out a few kids and “retiring” from the music industry, Lily Allen is back and talking more smack than ever. The chorus mentions Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lorde, and Lady Gaga, with a couple of “ha ha ha’s” and “L-O-L’s” thrown in to remind us not to take anything too seriously, such as when she says “Give me that crown, bitch, I wanna be Sheezus.”

BOYFRIEND – Like My Hand Did

Joining the ranks of sassy in-your-face females like Lilly Allen is BOYFRIEND, with her song about getting the lady blue balls. Her lyrics are more shocking than Azalea Banks and Angel Haze combined (my jaw dropped numerous times), while her flow is reminiscent of Uffie back in the day.

L A Y L A – Smokestacks

“Smokestacks” makes it on today’s roundup purely due to how epic it is. The vocals are smoky themselves, with a cool melody that is both sing-songy and daunting.

Robby Hunter Band – Corazón

The fact that the Robby Hunter Band is based out of Miami will not surprise you as soon as you hear their sound. There is a hazy warmth and sense of cheerfulness that I’m hoping improves your Monday as it has mine.