Grimes’ ‘Genesis’ Video: Fast Cars, Sharp Swords, Lots of Costumes

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Fade in to a dimly lit road at either the crack of dawn or last hint of dusk. Headlights of a car follow a dreadlocked dancer showing off some seriously funky moves in the middle of the road. A title appears, the trance-inducing, ethereal music kicks in. The beginning of the video for "Genesis," from Canadian artist Grimes’ lauded Visions, starts off innocuously enough before the video transforms into a scenario involving several protagonists who stole a bunch of clothes and weapons off Comic-Con cosplayers and are making their escape and off to conquer new lands. At least, that’s what it seems like.

And this video has everything: a snake-handling Sailor Moon, a metal-and-comic-book-hair ensemble, our heroes driving an Escalade while brandishing medieval weapons. Grimes also directed the clip, which co-stars Brooke Candy and can be seen below.