Free Download: A Daydreamy Debut From Tape Waves

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To South Carolina, where the speed limits are sky-high but nobody seems in much of a rush anyway, being full of rum smoothies and finger-licking BBQ (speaking only from personal experience here, but). The band is Tape Waves, a young duo from Charleston who’ve managed the feat of landing representation from Manchester, U.K.—Box Bedroom Rebels will put out their debut 7” this summer. But why wait?

A-side “Ready Now” is a bright but finely shaded song, something like a haze of clouds with the sun bleeding through. Kim Hart’s wispy lyrics cascade over the song like one of Beach House’s more playful vocals, eventually sinking below the gently tidal guitar. “Wherever I Go” is the up-tempo flipside, a slice of honey-dipped garage pop. 
Bandcamp is offering both tracks for whatever price you care to name, at least for the time being. Can you really claim you don’t need something to tap your toes and hum along to right now? Didn’t think so.