F*ck and Ch*ck

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It’s about time Chuck Palahniuk did porn. The author—cult hero to millions—has scribbled his acid ink all over the grotesqueries of contemporary American society. But never has he twisted a tale around the adult entertainment industry. Maybe it just spoke for itself. Well, now that Palahniuk is finally doing porn, he’s not wearing any protection.

The author has launched a viral—that’s what happens when you don’ practice safe sex!—campaign to promote his new novel Snuff, out May 20th. The starlet of Palahniuk’s tale is Cassie Wright, a past-her-prime porno princess who is trying to reclaim her spot on top, and on bottom, and so on. A porno promo (5 times fast) video for the classic Cassie Wright film The Wizard of Ass, is available for viewing online, and while raunchy, doesn’t show us what Wright is truly capable of. In the video, Wright is a natural beauty, and it’s sad to see her feeding off the leftovers of her big Hollywood dreams. But if Cassie Wright classics like Chitty Chitty Gang Bang and The Twilight Bone are the leftovers, then her comeback film, World Whore 3: The Whore to End All Whores, is the scraps. Wright’s attempt at stunt-fucking will involve 600 men taking their shot at glory, with her as the target. The book will focus on Mr. 72, Mr. 137, and Mr. 600, and their real reasons for partaking in the world’ biggest gang bang. To see an interview between Mr. Palahniuk and his beloved brainwhore Ms. Wright, click here, here, and here.