BlackBook Premiere: Kristin Mueller – ‘What Are You Waiting For?’

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New York-based singer/songwriter Kristin Mueller is readying her debut solo album, Deserts & Long Trails, after getting her start as a touring drummer with acts like Jeffrey Lewis and Lucinda Black Bear. Here’s “What Are You Waiting For?,” a sunny slice of guitar pop that’s more powerful than it initially lets on. Just when you think it’s over, she’s got a bit of a surprise for you. Here’s Mueller’s take on the song:

“I have always been inspired by musicians who are were known for one instrument and then you look in the liner notes and see that they also played several others. So I wanted to record one song on this album where I challenged myself to do just this and play everything, ‘What Are You Waiting For’ seemed like the right sentiment.  The song was written as a political anthem of sorts, to kick the blues of feeling rather helpless at times.  It was inspired by fearlessness and by those who have it, so it’s a mixture of a deep desire to push back and fight against enormous power as well as a playful attempt to find that unafraid part that allows you to be in charge of every note.”

Deserts & Long Trails is out February 30. Follow Mueller on Facebook for more.