BlackBook Premiere: The Icypoles’ ‘My World Was Made For You’

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Are we due for a new indie pop revolution? The Icypoles seem to think so. Led by Isobel Knowles, formerly of Architecture In Helsinki, the Melbourne quartet serves up retro-flavored tunes in the vein of the Brunettes, Soko, and the Boy Least Likely To. The band’s named after the Australian term for popsicles, and their debut album My World Was Made For You is just as much of a sweet treat.

The record takes its title from a line out of “Round N Round,” an eerie update on vintage odes to codependence. The Icypoles cite their influences as the Shangri-Las and Twin Peaks–the album features a charming cover of “Just You” from the latter’s iconic soundtrack–though they lean more towards the 60s than the 90s. “Popular Boy” is a classic melodrama, while “Stayin’ Home” is less innocent than it initially lets on. When the quartet’s not injecting a sinister vibe into retro relationship roles, they’re giving some good advice.

“Gotta Stop It” kicks off with the perennially valuable line “Stop wasting time in love with boys with girlfriends.” Ahead of its release next week, you can stream My World Was Made For You below and check out some exclusive pictures of the Icypoles. While you’re listening, maybe you should text that special someone you want to get cute and creepy with.

The Icypoles’ My World Was Made For You is out May 6 on Highline Records. Follow them on Facebook for more.