Adele and Chris Brown Are Buds After All

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Chris Brown created controversy, as is his wont, at the Grammys on Sunday evening simply without leaving his seat. People seemed enraged that Brown was not a better sport about losing an award to Frank Ocean, with whom he recently brawled in a Los Angeles parking lot a few weeks ago. People were also excited that a now-infamous photo taken on Sunday night depicted what many assumed was an argument between Adele and Brown; the truth, of course, is that Adele was not scolding Chris Brown. The British singer-songwriter claims she was "complimenting" Brown rather than yelling at him.

I’m no fan of Chris Brown, but it seems that the hatred toward him (which, by the way, is mostly fine with me) has reached insane levels. He didn’t stand up for Frank Ocean. So what? He also didn’t give Jack White a standing ovation after his performance the way that many of his neighbors in the audience did, but I didn’t see any animated .gifs of that. (By the way, congrats for spending the time in Photoshop to create a .gif of some dude sitting in his seat.) Chris Brown seems to like the attention—it’s part of his job, after all, to get it—but at this point he doesn’t even have to do anything to get people to complain about him. Give it up, folks. The best way to get someone to stop being famous is to stop paying attention to them.

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