Hotel ‘Hood: Neighborhood Picks Near the Millenium Hilton New York

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Like all things in New York City, choosing where to stay as a visitor is all about location. Hotels have a tendency to advertise their location like this: “We are located just steps from (insert hottest neighborhood of the moment)” when, in all actuality, they’re located steps, blocks, and then two subway transfers away—which can totally suck when you’re hoofing it with a screaming brood or heavy shopping bags. Service and amenities round out a hotel’s total package, but consideration should be paid to zip codes and neighborhoods, depending on what you plan to accomplish during your stay.

Literally gazing down into Ground Zero in the Financial District, the Millenium Hilton is for business travelers and family tourists alike. Here’s a look at what to see and do in the hotel’s bustling Lower Manhattan neighborhood during your stay.

The Hotel image Breakdown: It was totally redesigned after 9/11, from the dining experiences to state-of-the-art meeting and event facilities, and the thoughtful planning shows: it’s agreeable to both families on the go and busy business travelers. Stand-Outs: Heated indoor swimming pool overlooking New York City, meeting and banquet space, unfussy but chic restaurant and lobby bar. Location: Located on Church Street at Fulton, it’s conveniently close to the heart of the downtown FiDi. Best For: Business folks who need easy access to Wall Street and other downtown corporations; Tourists looking to see classic city sights like the Statue of Liberty, and Old New York restaurants and architecture.

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Neighborhood Sights: image 1. Statue of Liberty: Hop aboard the the Statue of Liberty ferry in Battery Park, located just a few blocks from the Millenium Hilton. 2. South Street Seaport: Check out shops, family restaurants, and the farmers market, or enjoy the Taxi Beach in summer and ice skating in winter. 3. Brooklyn Bridge: I recommend walking across this historic bridge, which once held the title for longest suspension bridge in the world. 4. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria: When you get over the bridge, mosey over to enjoy a slice of what many consider to be the best pie in the country at America’s “first” Pizzeria. 5. New York Stock Exchange: If you’re not here to work, you can sign up for a tour of the place that holds our nation’s fiscal fate in it’s hands. 6. Wall Street’s Charging Bull: The unofficial/official symbol of Wall Street is literally located 0.2 miles from the front door of the hotel. 7. St. Paul’s Chapel: Next door to the towering hotel is this tiny little church and graveyard. It’s where George Washington worshiped during inauguration day, and it withstood the World Trade Center Attacks.

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Dining and Nightlife image image In Hotel: 1. Church & Dey 2. Liquid Assets Nearby: 3. Delmonico’s 4. BLT Bar & Grill 5. Bridge Cafe 6. Wall & Water 7. Bar Seven Five