Werner Herzog Narrates ‘Curious George’

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As a child, did you wish Curious George had some more existential angst?  Did you yearn for the injection of some grotesque German pathos into the tale of everyone’s favorite inquisitive chimp?  Did you think the innocent fable of a monkey, a man and a yellow hat would be much improved by the some guttural growls and a Fritz-Lang-like fear of modernity? If so, you, my friend, are in luck. Werner Herzog has lent his gravelly, lilting baritone to the story of Curious George.  The results are…indescribably creepy and awesome:  “nothing in the brutal, primeval jungle could prepare George for the terrible, vast uncaringness of the sea.”  Word, Mr. Herzog.  Word. Watch after the jump.

Note: The uploader of the video claims that this is not the real Werner Herzog, but I know a demented Bavarian when I hear one.