The Arrested Development of the ‘Arrested Development’ Movie

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Arrested Development has become the poster child of TV critical darlings that couldn’t win mass appeal. In the show’s final episode, after the show was officially cancelled, executive producer Ron Howard mentioned, with a wink and nod, that a movie was a possible next step. Since then, the development of the Arrested Development movie has been a soap opera of sorts, with several reports claiming that Michael Cera was holding up the project. Cera has been quoted as saying that he wasn’t confident that an Arrested film adaptation would work, and he decided to spend his time instead on other film projects. Fans of the show took to the virtual streets, though, and apparently convinced both Cera and the film’s backers to move forward.

This past February, Cera confirmed that he was indeed joining the cast. And slowly, all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to be coming together. Last month, creator Mitch Hurwitz confirmed he would be directing the film and that the screenplay was more than halfway finished. We’re thinking the film will be the best thing Ron Howard has produced since his daughter (not including, of course, the original TV series).

The following graphic details the evolution of the film over the last three years. Never-nudes, unite! Finally your story will be brought to the big screen!