‘Office’ Rumors: Keitel to Get Promotion?

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Steve Carell is definitely leaving The Office, but his replacement is still yet to be determined. This has induced no end of hand-wringing and speculation over possible candidates, chief among them Rainn Wilson, Ricky Gervais, Danny McBride, and Rhys Darby. Now E! maintains that another name is in the mix, one that sounds so ill-advised that it verges on sabotage and/or genius: Harvey Keitel. Can you picture the original Bad Lieutenant yukking it up with Dwight?

As far as long-shot candidates go, I was rooting for David Cross myself, but the Keitel choice ups the ante for its sheer craziness. “He’s probably the only guy who can do it,” said executive producer Paul Lieberstein, “and he’s doing TV now”. Only one of those statements is true, of course. Life on Mars may have been canceled, but it did showcase Keitel to great effect, bringing out a humorous side not seen since the vastly underrated—and I’m saying this in all sincerity—Little Nicky. The only problem with this whole concept is that Lieberstein admits he hasn’t even contacted Keitel about it yet. Which means, amusing as this whole thing is to think about, it’s probably bullshit. He ‘aint the only guy.