‘Jack and Jill’ Made $26 Million This Weekend, Suckers

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This weekend, we collected samples from wonderfully harsh reviews of Adam Sandler’s cross-dressing comedy Jack and Jill. Would you see Jack and Jill after reading any of those criticisms? Would you see it after being subjected to the trailer? Well, neither the preview nor the vitriol spewed by America’s film critics did much to deter the public, as Jack and Jill made $26 million weekend.

Because Adam Sandler comedies generally open to huge numbers, industry experts actually deemed Jack and Jill’s weekend numbers a disappointment, since many had predicted it to rake in more than $30 million, in line with previous Sandler laugh-a-thons. In related news, industry experts somehow think we’re more stupid than we actually are.

For reference, Jack and Jill made more money in one weekend than Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors made during its entire box office run. To be fair, Crimes and Misdemeanors didn’t feature this Dunkin’ Donuts commercial where Al Pacino sings and dances with a giant coffee cup:

Even after factoring in the irony hounds who saw Jack and Jill as a joke, the return numbers indicate that millions of people made the conscious decision to spend no small amount of money during a recession to see Adam Sandler wear a wig and crush a miniature horse.

America is back, baby!