God Goes 3-D in New Dimension for Bible Movies

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I grew up Presbyterian and was, for a few years, rather forcefully obliged to attend my church’s weekly youth group services. In the main, the point of these gatherings was to convince me that faith and fellowship could be made “cool” by accessorizing them with guitars and sing-a-longs and the like. Of course, this had the exact opposite effect on me personally, but the movement to make God hip to the kids still forges ahead, now with much trendier, 21st-century enticements. As Deadline Hollywood reports, the book of Genesis looks poised to get the 3-D treatment courtesy of Paramount Pictures and former Walden Media co-founder Cary Granat. Even if it’s a total catastrophe, it’ll still be a damn sight cooler than, say, another rousing chorus of “kumbaya.”

Taking the Bible as its primary resource, In the Beginning will focus chiefly on the creation story. There’s no word on casting yet, but TV veteran David Cunningham is on board to direct from a script by Hidalgo scribe John Fusco. It’s worth nothing that not many filmmakers have hazarded this material on the big screen in recent memory. Robert Bresson tried and failed to see his version realized, and John Huston took a bold if now somewhat corny-looking stab at it in 1966, simply called The Bible. Something tells me the f/x in this new version will be more significantly thrilling than the roiling seas and lava spumes on display here: