Fede Alvarez’s ‘Panic Attack’: Apocalypse on the Cheap

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In just two weeks on YouTube, the short film Panic Attack has garnered Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez an unusual amount of attention in Hollywood. As Borys Kit recently reported, Alvarez started getting calls almost immediately, and is already in LA being courted for upcoming projects. It’s not hard to discern what’s gotten people excited — and it’s not just Alavarez’ gift for dramatically blowing things up either. The big surprise after the jump.

Rumor has it that the pic was made for about $300. If there’s any truth to it, Alvarez can probably write his own ticket. The only potential hazard he might encounter is directing actors. Amidst all the crazy CGI-chaos here, there’s no dialog to speak of, and very few individuated characters. Even Roland Emmerich cracks a joke every now and again.