‘Daddy Longlegs’ Take on Guerilla Marketing

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Guerilla marketing and indie films have always gone hand-in-glove, from traditional methods like postering and flyering to more exotic, inventive means like, say, the guy who attached a giant bird to his car to promote Birdemic! Getting the word out is the name of the game, and it never hurts to have a good hook. To that end, filmmaking siblings Josh and Benny Safdie have gone old (or is it olde?) school to promote their new picture, Daddy Longlegs, opening tomorrow. They’ve outfitted Benny inside of a classic sandwich board set up proclaiming, somewhat modestly methinks, “This Film Exists!” It’s charming and low rent, which also might be a good way to describe their filmic oeuvre so far. A video of Benny doing his schtick after the jump.

My favorite thing about this is how the ad also asserts “We Buy Gold!” Daddy Longlegs is, by the way, a small but very amiable film and, along with Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo, is perfect counter-programming for a weekend that’s sure to owned by the dreary and overblown-looking Robin Hood.