Court Halts Release of ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’

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Want to watch Jim Carrey make out with Ewan McGregor this summer? Too bad! According to an exclusive report by THR, Esq., “A California District Court judge has issued a preliminary injunction preventing the U.S. release of the indie comedy” I Love You Philip Morris. Is this long-delayed movie ever going to come out? What’s the deal? The film was produced by EuropaCorp, a French movie studio that licensed the domestic distribution rights to Consolidated Pictures Group and, to make a long story short, consolidated allegedly failed to deliver the full $3 million advance it agreed to pay EuropaCorp. It’s all very technical and drawn out and lawyer-y, but, regardless, ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ will not be making its July debut as planned.

October now seems to be Consolidated’s target release date, but with the scrubbing of the film’s website from the internet, things aren’t looking good. The lawyer representing EuropaCorp has indicated to the press that Consolidated will soon entirely lose rights to distribute the film, saying, “No amount of spin from Consolidated can mask the fact that Europa persuaded a federal district judge that Consolidated breached the contract by never having paid a dime for this picture, and that they had therefore no right to claim to be a distributor or claim to distribute the film, period. Nothing in the judge’s order in any way effects Europa’s right to distribute the film from this point forward.”

It’s a pretty unfortunate situation. The film looks excellent and has received a positive response from its release in Europe and Thailand. Check out the trailer: