Wrangler Lets You Strip & Abuse Model in New Ad

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Ripping a models clothes off and subsequently throwing them around may sound a little demonic, but it’s the makings of a seriously awesome new ad from Wrangler. “If you’re a gay man or heterosexual woman, it’s particularly awesome,” Andrew Sullivan wrote of the European campaign for Wrangler’s Blue Bell line, which let’s you remove model Tony Ward’s clothes with your mouse.

Give it a try here, and see if it doesn’t incite joy, a raise in body temperature or both.

I can’t help but think about Calvin Klein’s recent, racy-to-the-point-of-lewd ad campaign. And, no, I’m not talking Eva Mendes. I mean the images of a greased, up, so buff he puts the Situation to shame, David Agbodji. Klein put life size versions of hyper-sexual images in his Madison Avenue windows just a few weeks ago, but, while Mendes’ aforementioned campaign, spawned significant controversy, few people gave a fuss whatsoever about Agbodji’s bare, bulbous posterior greeting them along their morning commute.

The double standards that exist in the fashion industry with regard to men and women’s bodies are many. (Reference the weight debate, for one.) But, it’s no small detail that ripping a male model’s close off (if even virtually), or a greased up life-size nude are accepted as commonplace, while if the situation were reversed and a female model were in their shoes, the debate would be endless. That said, am I complaining? Absolutely not.